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King of the Mound is a historical fiction book that brings us back to the days of the civil rights movement. This great baseball player, Satchel Paige, is not allowed to play on the professional baseball teams, but boy is he a great player. And he even helps out a young boy who has suffered from polio and thinks he cannot pitch anymore for his baseball team. Satchel shows him how to believe in himself and not let his father's negativity bring him down. Can he still be a great pitcher like Satchel Paige? Read and find out...

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The Sasquatch Escape is a silly fantasy story about a strange town that is hiding mysterious creatures in a worm hospital. The main characters are sent on a mission to find the missing Sasquatch that escaped from the hospital and along the way they encounter some strange happenings in the town of Buttonville. Want to know what else? A dragon hatchling and prehistoric birds, some funny senior citizens who love pudding and lots of chocolate bars!!