Media Specialist: Mrs. Bray

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Read a Sunshine State book and pass a quiz to earn charms. See Mrs. Bray in the Media Center to receive your chain and charms as you read!

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2014 Newbery and Caldecott Medal Winners:

Media Objectives for grades K-2:

  • To learn what a library is and what it is used for.
  • To learn the rules and procedures of the library.
  • To learn library book care.
  • To learn how to browse for a book, use a shelf marker, and use the 5-finger rule.
  • To learn how to choose a "Just Right Book"
  • To learn what title, author, and illustrator mean.
  • To practice alphabetizing words and books by author.
  • To learn the difference between fiction and nonfiction.
  • To be introduced to popular authors and experience author studies.
  • To learn what quality literature is and how to choose books that are quality literature.
  • To be able to determine characters, setting, plot, and theme of a fiction story.
  • To retell events of a story in order using key details
  • To engage in collaborative discussion with diverse partners
  • To be able to recognize text features in nonfiction and how they help readers.
  • To be able to answer questions about stories after listening.
  • To be introduced to the online catalog and look up books in the media center. (Grade 2)
  • To identify call numbers of books and tell what section they are located in library. (Grades 1-2)